5 Auto Modifications That Can Kill Your Car’s Value

You love your car. You take pride in it. You've put your blood, tears, and sweat (not to mention a good chunk of money) into making it just the way you prefer it. But some car modifications can actually kill your car's value – and we're not just talking about those tacky neon lights under the chassis. 


Read on to learn about 5 auto modifications that can be a total turn-off for potential buyers. Trust us, you’ll thank our car mod experts from Brandon Honda later when you go to sell your beloved ride.


Car Body Kits


Body kits are a popular modification, but they can also quickly lower your car’s resale value. A body kit that’s too extreme or doesn’t match the rest of the car’s style will make it look like a custom job – and not in a good way. If you’re going to add a body kit, make sure it’s subtle and stylish.



Lowered Suspension


Lowered suspension is also a popular modification among petrolheads, but it can also quickly reduce your car's resale value. A car that's been lowered too much looks cheap and unprofessional – not the look you want for your luxury vehicle. If you're going to modify your suspension, keep it within factory specs to maintain the car's value.



Big Engines


Installing a massive engine in a small car may seem like a good idea. Still, it can actually have the opposite effect. A big engine in a small car looks and feels out of place, and it can be tough to find parts and services for a car with an oversized engine. When the time comes to sell your vehicle, potential buyers will be turned off immediately by the large engine and will likely offer a lower price.



Low-Profile Tires


Installing low-profile tires on a car is a common modification. Still, it's also one that can lower the car's value. Low-profile tires look good on sports cars and luxury vehicles, but they don't work well with most other types of cars. They can make the car difficult to drive, they can increase wear and tear on the suspension and braking system, and they can damage the car’s fuel average as well. When it comes time to sell your car, potential buyers may get a bit turned off by the low-profile tires and offer a lower price.



Altered or Custom Exhaust


Installing a custom exhaust system is another modification that can quickly kill your car's value. While a custom exhaust can make your car sound fantastic, it can also decrease its fuel economy and increase wear and tear on the engine. If you're looking to sell your car shortly, it's best to leave the exhaust alone and let the new owner decide if they want to install a custom system.


Ending Note


So, we hope that now you know that not all mods are suitable for your car's health and value. Are there any car modifications you’ve made to your car that you regret? Let us know about it! Schedule a service with Brandon Honda and let our team in Palm Harbor, FL, help keep your car in top condition. We can even advise you on which mods will add value when it comes time to resell.

March 15, 2022
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