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2022 honda accord

Purchasing Genuine Honda Accessories at Brandon Honda vs a Local Auto Shop

Here at Brandon Honda we stress the importance of purchasing Genuine Honda Accessories from a reliable Honda dealer, such as out own in Tamp, FL.  Get help with your scheduled maintenance or whatever work you need on your vehicle today. We’re excited to leverage our years of Honda experience and Honda-certified staff to ensure that […]

January 15, 2023
front of pilot

2023 Honda Pilot Highlights

As one of the leading Honda dealerships in Florida, our Brandon Honda team wants to inform you of our favorite features and specs of the new 2023 Honda Pilot near Clearwater, Holiday, and Tampa Bay. Comfortable Cargo, Mixed With Entertaining Honda Technology The Honda Pilot offers ample space for all passengers inside this cozy SUV. With many […]

January 3, 2023
leaking transmission fluid image

Did You Know?: The Importance Transmission Fluid Service

Did you know, transmission service is vital to the long life of your Honda vehicle? Proper transmission fluid has properties that both lubricate some parts while providing a liquid coupling between others. Bearings and gears inside your transmission require lubrication, while friction and steel plates inside clutch drums need cushion-ing through hydraulic pressure to create […]

December 3, 2022

10 Things to Avoid to Retain A Car’s Value

Like most car owners, you probably view your automobile as an extension of yourself. It’s more than simply a means of transportation; it reflects your character and who you are. You take good care of it, making sure it’s always shiny and clean, and you never hesitate to brag about how wonderful it is to […]

October 11, 2022

Honda Hot Topic: Car Leasing vs. Financing

Purchasing a car can be a significant decision. You want the peace of mind that you are making the best choice for your needs, which can often be challenging to determine. One of the big decisions in this regard involves financing or leasing a Honda. Here’s a look at some of the pros and cons of each […]

September 19, 2022
Antifreeze & Engine Coolant: Radiator Fluid Basics for Riverview!

Antifreeze & Engine Coolant: Radiator Fluid Basics for Riverview!

 Your engine relies on radiator fluid to keep it cool or warm while you’re driving. This vital liquid helps prevent your engine from overheating and keeps it running smoothly. There are two main types of this super solution – antifreeze and engine coolant. This blog post will examine the differences between the two and help you […]

September 2, 2022
Brandon Honda Aug week 4

How To Choose Tires – Your Honda Tire Buying Guide

The best thing about Honda vehicles is that they’re built to last. But even the best cars need new tires every few years. This blog post by Brandon Honda discusses the signs for thinking about buying new tires and how to choose new tires.  The Right Time to Buy New Tires  1. Check Your Tire TreadYour tire […]

August 22, 2022

Are Certified Pre-Owned Vehicles the Best Choice?

Think about it. You’re in the market for a new car. You know you want something reliable, but you don’t want to break the bank. So you start looking at certified pre-owned vehicles. They seem like a great deal, but is buying one the best choice? Here are a few things to consider before making […]

August 15, 2022

How To Make A Drive In The Rain Easier With 7 Tips

Sure, you’ve heard the saying “drive like it’s the end of the world,” but when rain is pouring torrentially, and visibility is low, driving can seem downright scary! Luckily, you can do a number of things to drive safely in heavy rain. Pasco county is no stranger to rain – according to the National Weather Service, our […]

August 10, 2022

Signs Your Air Filter is Feeling a Bit Hot This Summer!

Summertime means vacation time, outdoor activities, and road trips. But it also means a higher chance of your car overheating! One of the easiest ways to stay cool during those hot summer days is by keeping your air filter clean. Dirty air filters can make your car work harder and overheat, so today, we’ll show […]

August 2, 2022

Signs It’s Time for You To Replace Or Upgrade To A New Car

Is your car feeling a little sluggish? Are you having trouble getting up to speed on the highway? Are you constantly pressing brakes because you feel like you’re about to lose control? If yes, it might be time to bring a new car home. If you’re like most people, you don’t relish the thought of car […]

July 27, 2022

Bad Radiators: How to Identify Them and What You Can Do About It

Ever had a nagging sense that something was amiss with your car, but you just couldn’t put your finger on it? Maybe you’ve been driving around with the heat blasting for weeks, only to have the engine light come on out of nowhere. One of the most typical problems with a vehicle is a faulty radiator. […]

July 21, 2022

Got an Automatic? Here’s What the Numbers & Letters on the Automatic Transmission Shifter Mean!

Suppose you’ve just bought a brand new automatic car, congratulations! You’re about to enjoy a new level of convenience and comfort when driving. But before you hit the open road, getting familiar with the symbols and numbers on your shifter is essential. Each has a specific function, and understanding them will help you get the […]

July 13, 2022

Public Vs. Private Transport: What’s The Best Way?

We all mull over the pros and cons of public transport vs. private transport from time to time. While public transport remains viewed as a more efficient and eco-friendly option, there are endless pros to private transport too. The competition seems harsh now that most cars are equipped with electric batteries or alternative fuel options. Brandon […]

July 1, 2022

How To Keep The Fog Off Your Car’s Windshield & Windows

Starting a day with a car that has foggy windows can be frustrating. You may not have time to wait for the defroster to do its job, or you may be in a hurry and don’t want to waste time applying shaving foam to your windows. Therefore, preventing foggy car windows is your best bet. We […]

June 22, 2022

Removing Scratches from Your Car’s Paintwork: 7 Great Methods

There’s nothing worse than coming out to your car to find that someone has keyed it. Or maybe you’ve just got some annoying scratches on the paintwork that you want to get rid of. Whatever the case, you can remove scratches from your car’s paintwork – and we’re going to show you how. So please […]

June 13, 2022

A Pail-Load Of Tips For Making The Most Of Your Test Drive!

Are you considering purchasing a new car? If so, it’s important to take the time for a test drive. Not just to see if the car feels right for you but also to understand how it handles on the road. But before you hit the road, keep a few things in mind. Here are Brandon Honda’s top tips […]

June 7, 2022

The Best (And Weirdest) Future Car Tech Debuting This 2022!

It’s no secret that the car industry is evolving faster than ever before. Automobile enthusiasts have a lot to keep up with, considering tech developments in modern cars. This blog post will introduce some exciting and weird automobile tech developments that will light up 2022 and the years to come.   Color Changing Cars – Straight out of […]

June 1, 2022

How To Make Your Car’s Drive More Fuel Efficient!

No one enjoys wasting money, especially when it comes to something as important as fuel for our cars. Fortunately, there are many ways we can drive more efficiently and boost our gas mileage. By making a few simple changes to the way we drive, we can save money at the pump and reduce our overall […]

May 25, 2022

Car Dealing 101 – Basic Stuff You Need to Know About Car Trade-Ins

When buying a new car, one option is to trade in your old car. This can be a great way to get rid of an old car and get some money to purchase a new one. However, you need to be aware of certain things before going through with a car trade-in. This post will […]

May 16, 2022

Crucial Car Maintenance Checks For A Fun Road Trip

Are you planning a summer road trip? Whether you’re going across the country or just to the next state over, it’s essential to ensure your car is trouble-free for the journey. Regular maintenance ensures your safety on the road and saves money on costly future repairs. Brandon Honda will discuss some essential car maintenance tips to […]

May 10, 2022

Engine With A Temper: What Happens When a Car Overheats?

When you’re driving a car, many things can go wrong. But one of the most unpredictable problem is when the car overheats. If your car overheats, it can cause major damage to the engine, and it can even be dangerous to drive. In this post, Brandon Honda, serving Manatee County, FL, will discuss what happens when a car overheats […]

May 2, 2022

Trim Levels – How They Affect The Car Pricing?

Let’s say you’re hunting the market for a new ride. You’ve done your research and found the perfect one. It’s within your budget, has all the features you want, and is stylish enough to turn heads when you drive by. But there’s one catch: the price varies depending on the trim level.  So, which one should […]

April 27, 2022

New Spark Plugs: Make Car Go Vroom Faster Or Waste Of Money?

Do you ever need to upgrade your car with new parts to make it faster? Maybe you’ve been considering getting some new spark plugs to see if that makes a difference. But what does the research say? Are they just wasting your cash? In this blog post, Brandon Honda, serving Clearwater, FL, will look at the evidence and find […]

April 18, 2022

Best LCD Stereo Panels for Your New Car

A high-quality stereo system can enhance your driving experience. There are several stereo options available on the market today, but one of the best choices is an LCD stereo panel. These panels offer great sound quality and a variety of features that will make your driving experience more enjoyable.  This article will discuss some of the […]

April 11, 2022
Here's Why Electric Vehicles Need Different Tires

Here’s Why Electric Vehicles Need Different Tires

Electric vehicles are the future. And while they may not need gas, they need something else: special tires. Here’s a quick rundown on why electric vehicles need different tires than your average car. Electric Vehicles Create More Torque – Electric vehicles create more torque than your average car. This means that they need tires that can handle […]

April 4, 2022

The Car Detailing Travel Kit For Motorheads

Like your makeup needs a touch up after long trips, so does your car, especially because it’s been exposed to all the grime & dirt on the highway. That’s where the necessity of an auto detailing kit arises because if you have something like the New 2022 Honda HR-V, you need that ride glaring back […]

March 22, 2022

5 Auto Modifications That Can Kill Your Car’s Value

You love your car. You take pride in it. You’ve put your blood, tears, and sweat (not to mention a good chunk of money) into making it just the way you prefer it. But some car modifications can actually kill your car’s value – and we’re not just talking about those tacky neon lights under […]

March 15, 2022

Short Circuits in Cars Explained!

If your car isn’t running the way it should, you can quickly diagnose and fix the problem yourself. However, you might need to take it to a mechanic in some cases. One specific electrical issue in cars is called a short circuit. This Brandon Honda blog post will explain what a short circuit is, how it occurs, […]

March 9, 2022

Hondas in Hillsborough: 5 Essential Fluids You Should Know

Does your car seem to be overheating recently? Find out the 5 fluids you must keep an eye on to avoid that!There are several fluids that your car requires to run correctly. Here at Brandon Honda, we want to make sure that our customers are well-informed about the different fluids their car needs and how […]

March 2, 2022

Don’t Overlook the Oil Grade Numbers: What They Mean for Your Car

There’s a lot of discussion within the automobile-owning community about which sort of oil is ideal for your car. You might think that all oils are essentially the same, but some people swear by one grade or another. Does the number on the bottle actually matter? Or is it all just marketing hype? In this post, […]

February 22, 2022

All You Need to Know About Your Car’s Transmission Fluid: A Conversation for Car Owners

Transmissions are mysterious things. You can’t see them, and they don’t always make a lot of noise, so it’s easy to overlook them until something goes wrong. If you’re not sure what’s happening with your car’s transmission, here are some things to know.Transmission repair can be expensive, so it’s essential to catch any problems early. […]

February 15, 2022

Keeping It Cool: Servicing Your Car’s AC Compressor

If you’re like most people, you rely on your car’s air conditioning to keep you cool during the hot summer months. But what do you do when your AC compressor starts to fail? Don’t worry; Brandon Honda is here to help! This blog post will discuss the steps necessary for servicing your car’s AC compressor. We’d also […]

February 8, 2022

Does a Sluggish, Cranking Engine Mean a Failing Engine?

There are many myths about car engines, and one of the most common is that sluggish engine cranking means the engine is on its way to failing. This isn’t always true – in fact, there are a few other reasons why your engine might be sluggish.   In this blog post, we’ll discuss what sluggish cranking […]

February 2, 2022
Online Car Sales Seeing a Boom

The Excitement of Purchasing a New Car: Online Car Sales Seeing a Boom!

It’s that time again! Time to go car shopping! Are you excited? Most people are, especially when they’re in the market for a brand-new car. Let’s face it, you don’t buy a brand-new car every day, so it’s something to get pumped up about.  However, many people are hesitant to purchase cars online. They think they’re […]

January 25, 2022

Great Reasons to Clean Your Car Engine at Home

Cleaning your car engine at home is a great way to save money and do something good for the environment. Cleaning an engine can also be a rewarding experience, as it gives you the chance to get intimate with all of the parts that make up your vehicle. However, there are some disadvantages to doing […]

January 19, 2022

Should I Buy a New Car? 5 Advantages of Going for a Brand-New Vehicle!

Purchasing a new car is exciting, but it can be quite nerve-wracking as well. There are many factors you need to consider before making a decision. Should I buy now or wait? What price range should I look at? How will the purchase affect my finances?  You may have heard that buying used is cheaper and […]

January 12, 2022

Self-Driving Cars & The Amazing Features They Bring

You’ve heard about self-driving cars and may even have seen them on the road. But do you know what they are and how they’re expected to impact society? Is this a trend that we should be following, or is it just a fad that will come and go without any real impact on society as […]

January 5, 2022

Tire Guide – 6 Tire Care Tips You Should Always Keep In Mind

One of a car’s key features that keep it balanced and give the driver a smooth driving experience is its tires. So, if you want to keep driving your car to its full potential, then buckle up because there are a few things that you need to do to keep your tires in top shape!  Regular […]

December 26, 2021

5 Common Mistakes People Make at the Car Dealership

A car dealership is an intimidating place for many people. All the different cars, models, price tags, and salespeople can be overwhelming, to say the least. However, if you’re shopping for a vehicle and know what to expect, the car dealership will become less scary and more enjoyable!This blog post will cover five common mistakes […]

December 12, 2021

3 Ways Maintenance Saves You Money on Auto Repairs

Honda Dealership in Tampa, FL Car maintenance can be a big expense. From oil changes to new tires and brakes – the list of things that need to be done is endless. You might think that you’re spending too much on your vehicle when in reality, it’s just part of owning a car. If you do […]

December 1, 2021

Car Buying Essentials: Fitting Your Body to the Car Type You Want

Brandon Honda Dealership Tampa, FL Today’s cars come in various shapes and sizes: sedan, SUV, truck, hatchback, coupe, and many more. Some come equipped with a hybrid engine or electric motor (known as an EV). It is essential to keep in mind how often you’ll be driving it. If it’ll be used to transport kids to […]

November 30, 2021

How Buying a Pre-Owned Vehicle is the Best Money-Saving Alternative!

Honda Dealership Tampa, FL You’re looking for a new car, but you don’t have the money to buy it. The idea of having to pay an arm and a leg just for that monthly payment is making your head spin. Luckily, there’s another option that might be right up your alley: buying a used car! Buying […]

November 15, 2021