Crucial Car Maintenance Checks For A Fun Road Trip

Are you planning a summer road trip? Whether you’re going across the country or just to the next state over, it’s essential to ensure your car is trouble-free for the journey. Regular maintenance ensures your safety on the road and saves money on costly future repairs. Brandon Honda will discuss some essential car maintenance tips to […]

May 10, 2022

Engine With A Temper: What Happens When a Car Overheats?

When you’re driving a car, many things can go wrong. But one of the most unpredictable problem is when the car overheats. If your car overheats, it can cause major damage to the engine, and it can even be dangerous to drive. In this post, Brandon Honda, serving Manatee County, FL, will discuss what happens when a car overheats […]

May 2, 2022

New Spark Plugs: Make Car Go Vroom Faster Or Waste Of Money?

Do you ever need to upgrade your car with new parts to make it faster? Maybe you’ve been considering getting some new spark plugs to see if that makes a difference. But what does the research say? Are they just wasting your cash? In this blog post, Brandon Honda, serving Clearwater, FL, will look at the evidence and find […]

April 18, 2022

Best LCD Stereo Panels for Your New Car

A high-quality stereo system can enhance your driving experience. There are several stereo options available on the market today, but one of the best choices is an LCD stereo panel. These panels offer great sound quality and a variety of features that will make your driving experience more enjoyable.  This article will discuss some of the […]

April 11, 2022
Here's Why Electric Vehicles Need Different Tires

Here’s Why Electric Vehicles Need Different Tires

Electric vehicles are the future. And while they may not need gas, they need something else: special tires. Here’s a quick rundown on why electric vehicles need different tires than your average car. Electric Vehicles Create More Torque – Electric vehicles create more torque than your average car. This means that they need tires that can handle […]

April 4, 2022

The Car Detailing Travel Kit For Motorheads

Like your makeup needs a touch up after long trips, so does your car, especially because it’s been exposed to all the grime & dirt on the highway. That’s where the necessity of an auto detailing kit arises because if you have something like the New 2022 Honda HR-V, you need that ride glaring back […]

March 22, 2022

5 Auto Modifications That Can Kill Your Car’s Value

You love your car. You take pride in it. You’ve put your blood, tears, and sweat (not to mention a good chunk of money) into making it just the way you prefer it. But some car modifications can actually kill your car’s value – and we’re not just talking about those tacky neon lights under […]

March 15, 2022

Short Circuits in Cars Explained!

If your car isn’t running the way it should, you can quickly diagnose and fix the problem yourself. However, you might need to take it to a mechanic in some cases. One specific electrical issue in cars is called a short circuit. This Brandon Honda blog post will explain what a short circuit is, how it occurs, […]

March 9, 2022

Hondas in Hillsborough: 5 Essential Fluids You Should Know

Does your car seem to be overheating recently? Find out the 5 fluids you must keep an eye on to avoid that!There are several fluids that your car requires to run correctly. Here at Brandon Honda, we want to make sure that our customers are well-informed about the different fluids their car needs and how […]

March 2, 2022

Don’t Overlook the Oil Grade Numbers: What They Mean for Your Car

There’s a lot of discussion within the automobile-owning community about which sort of oil is ideal for your car. You might think that all oils are essentially the same, but some people swear by one grade or another. Does the number on the bottle actually matter? Or is it all just marketing hype? In this post, […]

February 22, 2022

Does a Sluggish, Cranking Engine Mean a Failing Engine?

There are many myths about car engines, and one of the most common is that sluggish engine cranking means the engine is on its way to failing. This isn’t always true – in fact, there are a few other reasons why your engine might be sluggish.   In this blog post, we’ll discuss what sluggish cranking […]

February 2, 2022

Tire Guide – 6 Tire Care Tips You Should Always Keep In Mind

One of a car’s key features that keep it balanced and give the driver a smooth driving experience is its tires. So, if you want to keep driving your car to its full potential, then buckle up because there are a few things that you need to do to keep your tires in top shape!  Regular […]

December 26, 2021

3 Ways Maintenance Saves You Money on Auto Repairs

Honda Dealership in Tampa, FL Car maintenance can be a big expense. From oil changes to new tires and brakes – the list of things that need to be done is endless. You might think that you’re spending too much on your vehicle when in reality, it’s just part of owning a car. If you do […]

December 1, 2021
brake fluid replacement image

Did You Know?: Brake Fluid

Your vehicle’s brake fluid is a vital component in your braking system, creating a mechanical connection between your foot and the wheels. The physics of fluid dynamics, along with anti-lock brake technology, provide you with almost effortless control while braking. However, did you know this fluid needs service periodically? In this article, we’ll explore the […]

December 3, 2020
brake checks, repairs, and services

Did You Know?: Squealing Brakes

Squeaking brakes can be really annoying and embarrassing. Typically, we tend to think something is wrong with the brakes when they squeak. It’s not necessarily true, though. I’ll first walk you through the scenarios that DO need attention, then I will share some experience with those scenarios that only require some understanding. Brake pads on most vehicles with […]

December 3, 2020
leaking transmission fluid image

Did You Know?: Transmission Fluid

Transmission service is vital to the long life of your Honda. Proper transmission fluid has properties that both lubricate some parts while providing a liquid coupling between others. Bearings and gears inside your transmission require lubrication, while friction and steel plates inside clutch drums need cushion-ing through hydraulic pressure to create a soft yet mechanical […]

December 3, 2020
check engine light image

Did You Know?: Maintenance Minder™

The Maintenance Minder™ on your Honda vehicle is a high tech solution for you to know exactly when your vehicle is in need for regularly scheduled maintenance.Its system takes into account your driving habits, including time, traffic conditions, engine temperature, and environmental conditions, to accurately calculate the longevity of your engine fluids. It also calculates time […]

December 3, 2020