Did You Know?: Transmission Fluid

Transmission service is vital to the long life of your Honda. Proper transmission fluid has properties that both lubricate some parts while providing a liquid coupling between others. Bearings and gears inside your transmission require lubrication, while friction and steel plates inside clutch drums need cushion-ing through hydraulic pressure to create a soft yet mechanical connection. The cleanliness of this fluid key to continued trouble free service. Some shops offer quick flush systems that may use solvents to remove debris and old material from the transmission. This seems like a good deal until something goes wrong and the transmission starts acting strange, with less than quality gear changes and even slipping occurring. Genuine Honda fluid may not even be used, and with different friction characteristics the same symptoms may develop. What does Honda say about the issue of flushing or not?


From Honda Service News dated August 2000, “Transmission flush systems are not approved or recommended for Honda A/Ts because many flush systems require or encourage the use of solvents, additives, or non-Honda ATF.”


So, to get the Automatic Transmission clean again, what do we do? Well, we perform a service called a Transmission Exchange. It requires a drain and fill of the transmission fluid up to 4 times, running 12 quarts of fluid through the transmission to get over 98% of the old fluid out of it. With each drain, we fill it with new fluid and run the transmission through the gears, then drain it again. This ensures we are circulating new fluid through all of the gears and the torque converter. The continuation of the proce-dure allows us to get most of the old fluid out and ensuring your transmission doesn’t suffer any damage along the way. This procedure in most cases cures shuddering and rough shifting resulting from the fluid viscosity breaking down.


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December 3, 2020
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