Engine With A Temper: What Happens When a Car Overheats?

When you're driving a car, many things can go wrong. But one of the most unpredictable problem is when the car overheats. If your car overheats, it can cause major damage to the engine, and it can even be dangerous to drive.


In this post, Brandon Honda, serving Manatee County, FL, will discuss what happens when a car overheats and how to fix the problem. Keep reading for helpful tips on keeping your car running cool!


Why Does A Car Overheat?

There are a few different ways that a car can overheat. The most common cause is simply running the engine for too long without giving it a chance to cool down. It happens if you're stuck in traffic or idling for a long time.


Another common cause of car overheating is low coolant levels. If your coolant level gets too low, it can't do its job properly, and your car will start to overheat.


Finally, a car can also overheat if there's a problem with the cooling system itself. The radiator hose could be leaking or a faulty fan.



Symptoms of an Overheating Car:

If your car starts to overheat, the first thing you'll notice is the temperature gauge on the dashboard. When you start the vehicle, the needle will enter the red zone.


You might also see a warning light on the dash that says "Engine Hot."

Other symptoms of an overheating car include steam coming from under the hood and a burning smell.



What Happens When a Car Overheats?

It can cause engine damage:

If your car overheats, it can cause serious damage to the engine. The heat can warp the engine's metal parts, and it can cause the engine to seize up. 


Symptoms of engine damage from overheating:

The engine starts to make knocking or banging sounds.

Smoke starts coming from under the hood.
The temperature gauge needle is in the red zone.
The engine overheats and shuts off.


If any of the above happens, it's important to take action immediately. If you continue to drive, you could cause major damage to the engine.


It's dangerous to drive:
It is dangerous to drive an overheated car, and it's also illegal. The police officer might give you a ticket if you're pulled over.


It can cause the oil to break down:
When the engine gets too hot, it can cause the oil to break down. It can be difficult for the engine to lubricate itself, and it can cause more wear and tear on the engine.

It can start a Fire:
If the engine overheats, it can start a fire. It is especially true if there's any leaking oil or fluids.



What Should You Do If Your Car Starts to Overheat?

If your car starts to overheat, you should:

First turn off the air conditioner.
Then, turn on the heater to help cool down the engine.

Next, pull over and turn off the engine. Let it cool down for at least 15 minutes before you start driving again.

If the automobile continues to overheat, or if you don't have enough coolant, have it towed to a service center.




When a car overheats, the system tells you that there's a problem. If your car has started to overheat, don't wait – bring it into Brandon Honda right away.


We can diagnose the issue so that you can get back on the road as quickly as possible. Our service department will help keep your car running smoothly all year long.


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May 2, 2022
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