Comparing The Honda Civic & Kia Forte

The Brandon Honda Comparison:

The Honda Fit is now available at Brandon Honda in Tampa, FL, head over for a test drive or to learn about the impressive warranties that come included on your brand new purchase! To see how this impressive model compares to the Kia Forte5, keep reading!



Vehicle Features


Don't take any chances when it comes time to purchase a new ride that will provide for the transportation needs of you and your family, head over to Brandon Honda to secure a quality Honda Civic today! Use our web page to explore how this ride compares to a similar model, the Kia Forte Sedan.


Should you ever be in an accident, the Honda Civic is there for you! Speed and seat sensors will work in conjunction with each other to deploy your Honda's airbags at a level of force that suits the impact force. This system can also ensure that not all airbags are deployed if they are not needed, and will also shut off the side airbag should it detect a child is occupying that seat. If you purchase a Kia Forte Sedan, the side airbags do not come with a smart feature and will always deploy full force, possibly doing more harm than good.


Stay where you need to be, thanks to the Honda's lane departure warning system the will alert you should your Civic unintentionally drift. You won't get this feature on the Forte Sedan, nor will you get the collision warning or crash mitigation brakes that come on the Honda Civic.


Snag a ride that offers a powerful engine, snag a Honda Civic from Brandon Honda today! You'll be treated to a higher horsepower and torque rating than that of the Kia Forte, and you'll also get to opt for a continuously variable transmission should you decide on the Civic; the Forte does not offer a CVT.


The choice is clear, visit our Honda dealership in Tampa, FL to secure your very own Honda Civic! Visit our finance department for some assistance with those affordable monthly payments and drop by our service department periodically to ensure your ride stays running smoothly!