Honda CR-V 2021 Interior vs the CR-V 2022

3 Differences Between Honda's 2021 CR-V and 2022 CR-V Interiors

It is no secret that the Honda CR-V is a crowd favorite among car buyers. From the bold exterior grille on a light blue Honda CR-V to the top safety features, buyers are able to build a Honda CR-V to their perfect liking. Possibly the most loved feature of this vehicle however, is the multi-luxurious interior. Honda buyers have loved the spacious cargo and comfortable seats of the CR-V for years. However, when purchasing this vehicle the decision between the Honda 2021 CR-V or the 2022 may be tricky. Luckily the team at Brandon, Florida Honda dealership, have listed 3 Differences Between Honda's 2021 CR-V Interior and 2022's. 



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1. Child Friendly

Honda CR-V 2021 Interior

The Honda CR-V 2021 interior has premium safety features that ensure a smooth ride for you and your kids. Spacious and comfortable, you can carpool to soccer with ease!  The Honda CR-V  2021 Interior holds up to five passengers with more than 40-inches leg room perfect for squirming feet! Also. the 2021 CR-V seats are equipped with a set of two LATCH connections for rear seating thus easily accommodating child car seats! The 2021 Honda CR-V allows riders to stretch their legs out, sink into the comfortable seats, and enjoy the ride!

Honda CR-V 2022 Interior

Considering the 2022 CR-V is newer than the 2021 CR-V, you can build a Honda totally to your liking! Just as the Honda CR-V 2021 interior, the 2022 model is a comfortable ride for both adults and kids! The makers at Honda think seats are meant to be sat in. Seems like common sense, right? However, so many interior seatings in other makes of vehicles see peeling and wear on seating after extensive use. Especially with children, there is food, dirt, and who else knows flying around. This is why an amazing child-friendly feature on the 2022 CR-V opposed to the Honda 2021 CR-V is the stylish option of seat covers! With the 2022 CR-V Honda, you can build and price this addition. The Honda seat covers allow ample protection while preserving your original seat's conditions! 

2. Technology

Honda CR-V 2021 Interior

The Honda CR-V 2021 interior offers an enjoyable ride not only for the adults, but kids too! The 2021 CR-V has high-quality features for entertainment the family will love! The 2021 CR-V comes with a 5-inch display screen for navigation and entertainment. Built in Apple Carplay and Android Auto support allows connectivity to smartphone music, navigation, podcasts, and more.

Honda CR-V 2022 Interior

With the 2022 Honda CR-V, being stuck in traffic is...kind of enjoyable!  Honda offers build and price options depending on the features you want. Do you want a light blue Honda CR-V? Apple CarPlay? Trimmed seats? You got it!  Some amazing technology features in the 2022 CR-V include dual zone automatic climate control systems, heated front seating and steering wheel, wireless charging options, USB ports, and even a 12-Volt power outlet! Who needs to leave the car when it has everything you need? Build a Honda here at Brandon, Florida's top Honda-dealer.

3. Cargo

Honda CR-V 2021 Interior

Cargo space in the Honda CR-V 2021 interior as well as the 2022, offers the largest cargo implementability for all it's entire compact SUV class. There is 39.2 ft of storage found in  the Honda 2021 CR-V. This is enough for multiple suitcases, bags, and the dogs! The rear-seats fold down to offer heavyweight storage as well as rooftop connectivity for those larger items. There is no other build like a Honda CR-V.

Honda CR-V 2022 Interior

As opposed to the Honda CR-V 2021 interior, the 2022 model offers a hands-free access power tailgate! Never worry about ful hands again with this feature. Just simply kick your foot under the bumper, and the trunk door will rise providing you access to the spacious cargo! The easy-to-use fold down 60/40 split rear seatback gives you the space you need to store the kids soccer bags, bikes, or moving boxes. In addition, enjoy ample leg room and center console storage for easy accommodations for your storage such as tablets and chargers. 

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