Comparing The Honda HR-V & Kia Sportage

The Kia Sportage vs The Honda HR-V Inventory in Tampa, FL

Are you curious how the Honda HR-V compares to the Kia Sportage? Once you get a hands-on feel for the powerful performance capabilities this ride offers, you won't want to leave without one! Thanks to our finance department, you don't have to! Learn how you can secure bad credit financing right now and find your Honda HR-V today!  Head over to our Honda dealership in Tampa, FL to take the HR-V for a test drive!

Price & Performance 

The HR-V tends to be slightly less expensive than the Sportage, although the final price will depend on the specific trim level and options you choose for each vehicle. Both vehicles offer front-wheel drive and all-wheel drive options, but the Sportage's optional turbocharged engine may provide a more powerful and sporty driving experience. Take on the road utilizing the optional continuously variable transmission on the Honda HR-V or make use of the manual transmission! Should you purchase a Kia Sportage, you'll have to go without both, as this model does not offer CVT or manual transmission. With the HR-V you'll get variable-assist power steering that provides you with some serious control at highway speeds, a feature that does not come on the Sportage. The HR-V tends to have slightly better fuel efficiency ratings than the Sportage, which may make it a more economical choice for those who do a lot of driving.

Weight Class & Size

The HR-V is slightly smaller than the Sportage, which may make it more suitable for urban driving or for those who need to park in tight spaces. The Honda HR-V weighs less than that of the Kia Sportage, making it easier to handle and maneuver than the competition, and it also features a shorter body so slipping into those tight parking situations is a breeze. Although the body is shorter, the HR-V still offers more head and rear legroom than the Sportage, making it a viable road trip option!

Safety & Interior Features

Both vehicles performed well in their safety ratings, but when it comes to warranty, the HR-V has the Sportage beat! Honda offers drivers a five-year corrosion warranty that does not come with mileage restrictions; the Sportage's warranty will expire once you reach 100,000 miles.


Both vehicles offer a range of comfort and convenience features, but the HR-V has a roomier and more flexible interior thanks to its "Magic Seat" feature, which allows the back seats to fold down in a variety of configurations to accommodate larger items.  Purchase a vehicle you can rely on, purchase a brand-new Honda HR-V from Brandon Honda today!



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Overall, both the HR-V and the Sportage are solid choices for compact SUVs, and the best one for you will depend on your specific needs and preferences.