Lease With Brandon Honda

Why lease at brandon honda?

No matter where you live in the greater Tampa Bay area, including Tampa, St. Petersburg, Clearwater, Largo, Palm Harbor, Tarpon Springs, and Wesley Chapel, it's so easy to lease your next Honda at Brandon Honda!


Fill out the form for more information on leasing. Then come test drive the vehicle of your choice at Brandon Honda and ask about our low APR as well as our quick and easy financing!


When it's time to get a new car, the big question is always, "Should I buy or should I lease?"


Here are four reasons why leasing from Brandon Honda makes sense:

Reason #1: Get More Car For Your Money


In general, payments are lower when you're leasing a vehicle. That also means you can lease a more upscale car, SUV or crossover with more options and extras for the same monthly payment it would take to buy something that's not as well-equipped. Plus, you can use the difference in monthly payments to save for the down payment on your next vehicle!

Reason #2: You're Really Only Paying For Depreciation


When buying, you take a big hit in depreciation once you drive that new car off the lot. But you're still paying monthly on what the car was worth before you got behind the wheel, not its actual resale value.When you lease, your payments are determined by calculating the difference between what the car was worth new and the amount of residual value it still retains at lease end. That's the reason your monthly payment is less!

Reason #3: Fewer Worries About Repairs And Maintenance


When you're making monthly car payments, the last thing you want is expensive maintenance and/or repair bills. With a lease, your new Honda is typically under factory warranty for the duration of your lease. With the Brandon Honda Advantage Club, you also get 2 free oil changes, complimentary car washes, and a 10% discount on all service labor.

Reason #4: You May Be Able To Write It Off



If you're in business for yourself, you might be able to count your lease payments as a legitimate business expense and deduct them (or a portion of them) on your income tax returns.

Before you do, though, make sure your consult with a specialized tax accountant or attorney.

Where are we located?

Brandon Honda

9209 E Adamo Dr

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